archos 7 crash loop (i use also macbook pro,no windows)

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archos 7 crash loop (i use also macbook pro,no windows)

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i know many peole seem to have this problem, my nephew(8 years) got a second hand tablet with original box
after i try to install a game with the applib program the tablet is crashed everytime i start the tablet i get error :
the process android.process.acore is unexpectacly stopt, try again(sorry for translation it says in dutch : het process android.process.acorre is onverwacht gestopt probeer het opnieuw but my translation may be a bit off) and when i click on close message comes back, i searched and googled and there are some programs that helps you to install new android os
but all probrams are for windows,and my laptop iuse is a macbook pro from apple, can anybody help me to make my 8 year old nephew happy again?

rager ossel jr
archos 7 home tablet
a7 home tablet V2 8GB EU/US (this is what the box say on a sticker
a7dhb (this is on the back of the device
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