Wakeup problem with Archos 101 Neon

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Wakeup problem with Archos 101 Neon

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first of all excuse my bad english - I am from Germany.

I am a proud owner of the Archos 101 Neon Tablet. Everything worked fine for me and the tablet runs better than i expected.

But then it freezes a bit. So i proceed the following instruction from the official website of Archos (http://www.archos.com/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=186&id=272). I exactly did everything step by step as in the instruction shown.

Everything worked fine and the procedure finished correctly. The tablet starts as known before. It works like before and you can use it in every way you want.

The only bug I´ve noticed: if i want to set the device into standby it turns off after 2-3 secs. I recognize a quite beep and then it´s off.

So it is off, i cannot wake it up from standby so i have to restart it.

I´ve called the support team and they´ve no idea where the fail comes from. The assistant said to me it´s a newer tablet, so they just didn´t become negative feedback yet.

I am wondering because it is the original FW version as it was delivered with.

So I am overgreatful for your suggestions.

Thanks from Germany.
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