Very slow running - Archos 101 G9 250gb - fixed

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Very slow running - Archos 101 G9 250gb - fixed

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If your Gen 9 Tablet starts to run slowly (80 or 101), this could be related to the following, and is quickly cured.

My 101 started to respond very, very slowly. For example if you touched an icon, it took a second or two before it even highlighted, then another couple of seconds to run the associated app. The Tablet just reacted in slow motion all the time. Once they loaded, most apps seemed to run OK, but there was definitely something very 'wrong'.

I won't bother setting out everything I tried, short of a complete reset, but eventually thanks to a diagnostic app I discovered that it was related to 'Media Center'. If I stopped it running, the Archos ran fine. Media Center runs automatically, in the background, as soon as the Tablet starts up, and was hogging the system.

Initially I 'disabled' Media Center, which fixed the general problem, but the Archos Video app would not run then.

Anyway, I found the 'fix', which did not involve disabling the app.

Open the Archos Video app
Press the top right icon, and select 'Preferences'
Select both items under Subtitles, one at a time.
In my case, neither item had a language selected.
As soon as I selected a language, in my case English, for both items, everything was OK.

'Media Center' is still shown as running in the background, but it no longer slows the Tablet down, and is now running normally,

This definitely works. It is not related to you using the Archos Video app, or if you want subtitles, it is just a programming anomaly, because Media Center was running in the background, and if no language options had been selected the App hogs the Tablets resources and causes the slow running.

Just to be clear, this is not going to happen on all G9 Tablets, just because the languages have not been selected. Media Center always runs automatically as a service, but in this case something had triggered the actual app to also auto-run in the background as well, slowing the Tablet down quite drastically.

Still, if it happened on my Tablet, it could happen on others, and as the 'fix' is so straight forward it is worth bearing in mind.
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