Archos 7c Gingerbread 2.3.7 CyanogenMod 7.2 V2 ultimate ROM

Rockchip RK2818 based
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Archos 7c Gingerbread 2.3.7 CyanogenMod 7.2 V2 ultimate ROM

Post by alexbern »

I own this product since years and was unused because of its limited Android Eclair 2.1, so I wanted to improve it.
The Archos 7c Home Tablet (A70CHT) is an old Android tablet based on RockChip RK2818 CPU ARM926EJ-S rev 5 (v5l) at 600MHz.
The first thing I noticed is that there were many devices with similar hardware, for example "Tablet Master G Neptuno" (in Chile) and "Yarvik TAB210" (in Netherlands)... hybrid ROMs worked, but not perfectly.
This ROM is born taking CyanogenMod (for RK2818) 7.2 V2 by stevemp, adapting to this device and then adding fixes, tweaks and updates in order to obtain the most complete and working ROM possible.
Subsequently, I tried to put Debian Squeeze ARMEL natively in this device, but it seems that the cramfs structure of the update images is too limiting and I failed.

Please note that this is the only ROM for the Archos 7c based on CM 7.2 V2, the others are all based on the prerelease RC0.

- Android Gingerbread 2.3.7 (unofficial RockChip CyanogenMod 7.2 V2, build of 25-06-2012)
- Charging bug workaround (see below)
- As smooth as possible
- Beautiful Archos splashscreen
- USB Host Mode (OTG) support with USBModeSwitch app integrated
- USB connection to PC fixed with USB Mass Storage Watcher app integrated
- Latest basic GApps including Play Store 4.4.21 (it will update itself at first run)
- Lots of build.prop tweaks for performance
- Root (superuser)
- Busybox
- Init.d support
- Latest available bootloader (5.05)
- Latest available recovery system (1.3.30)

- Volume control only through included Slider Widget :|
- Sometimes the screen turns on and off at random when in sleep or lock mode, I don't know why :(
- Video decoding via HW is ok, but audio has some annoying "vynyl-like" effect.
- Screenshot capture is not working :?
- USB tethering currently not supported #-o
- Others that I didn't find yet? :^o

01: Extract update.img from the zip file and flash it using RKAndroidBatchUpgrade (not sure it will work properly by just copying it in the device)
02: Reboot and let the recovery system format the partitions
03: Archos splashscreen appears and the first-boot starts (it takes 1-2 minutes)
04: CyanogenMod7 logo animation will display (whole environment initial configuration takes 3-4 minutes)
05: Pay attention to the Calibration, then wait for reboot (this time it's quicker: 2-3 minutes)
06: The first-time configurator appears: set up your device, but skip Google account configuration
07: In Settings > Applications: enable the Unknown Origins option if you want to install any APK file
08: In Settings > Applications > Development: enable the Stay Awake option (MANDATORY: see below)
09: In Settings > Wireless > Wi-Fi Settings: configure password of your Wi-Fi
10: When Wi-Fi is active, the CyanogenMod statistics notification will appear: open, UNCHECK it and tap Save preference
11: In Settings > Accounts & Syncronization: DISABLE the Auto-sync option
12: Now tap Add account and add a Google account
13: Wait for the white Wi-Fi symbol to become green
14: If Play Store is still not yet visible in the drawer, just reboot your device now
15: Enjoy your brand-new 7c

It's a well-known problem that this class of devices have problems with Android >2.1 because they charge only when the screen is on.
With this ROM and a simple workaround, charging will work also when the display is in sleep mode.
Just go to Settings > Applications > Development and enable the Stay Awake option.
Put your device in forced sleep mode (lock device) by shifting the power button to the right... and charge :)

This device under Gingerbread doesn't show the USB connection notification when it is plugged into PC.
To solve this problem, do this trick:
1) Open the USBModeSwitch app and make you sure USB Host Mode is DISABLED
2) Make you sure USB Mass Storage Watcher has root permission and has automatic mount ON and show notifications OFF
3) Go to Settings > Storage and search for the section "/mnt/nand"
4) In this section, tap "Unmount SD card"
5) Plug your USB to PC and tablet
6) Tap again to "Install SD card"
7) Automatic USB mounting should occur and you should see the storage in PC, otherwise try again

Usually USB OTG is not enabled in these old tablets, but this ROM supports it. Follow the instructions:
1) Open USBModeSwitch app and make you sure USB Host Mode is ENABLED
2) Plug USB OTG cable connected to a USB storage
3) Go to Settings > Storage and search for the section "/mnt/usb"
4) Tap "Install SD card"
5) Use a file manager to access data in /mnt/usb
6) Remind to return to Settings and tap "Unmount SD card" before removing the cable (often you have to tap it 2 times)

'stevemp' for V2 of CyanogenMod 7.2 RockChip edition
'Naoki Fukaumi' and 'Jiri Orsag' from Androtab for their porting of CyanogenMod 7 to RK2818
'birdiebnl' for USBModeSwitch app
'Skidmrk' for USB Mass Storage Watcher app
'hinterhofapps' for Slider Widget app
'Sirius Applications Limited' for Quick Boot app
'Himself' from ArchosFans for his splash screen for A7HTv1
'Perichel' from SlateDroid for his useful instructions about RockChip ROMs modding

Download link not published as this is an old device no longer used: if you need this ROM please ask via pm. The pack includes the update.img file, plus apks of QuickPic, Moon+ Reader Lite and ZArchiver, which are recommended free apps to install.

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Re: Archos 7c Gingerbread 2.3.7 CyanogenMod 7.2 V2 ultimate

Post by aleste2 »

Installed just by copying update.img at the root.
Everything is working.
Only some apps do not appear at google play, compatibility issues I assume.

Thank you.
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