Wifi signal good and poor at the same time

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Wifi signal good and poor at the same time

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I read several thread on the subject, but none with clear conclusions and never sure it applied to my situation as the software versions were different. I have an Archos 80 Titanium with Android version 4.1.1 (the latest one). Using my tablet on public networks recently, I realized that most of the time, the Wifi cannot connect or is VERY slow. Back home, I took some time to try to understand the issue. I first thought that the Wifi received of the tablet was poor and therefore, I needed a very strong signal. But after having installed "Wi-Fi Analytics" on both my android phone (with same android version) and the Archos tablet, I can tell that the Wifi receiver should be OK. Here are the numbers found in 3 different locations (X/Y : X is the value of the phone and Y the value on the tablet at the same location, in dBm):

-55/-68; -69/-82; -83/-57

Conclusion: The tablet is not as good as the phone, but the difference itself is not explaining why I couldn't reach my website on a public internet... when I was at 4 meters of the router, the same website was appearing in less than 1 second on my phone using the same WiFi connection. But where I am bit surprised is when I see the Wifi signal "level" displayed graphically on the tablet. By default, there are 4 levels. When the tablet is at -70 dBm, the "Wi-Fi Analytics" consider that this is "3/4" of the maximum level. At the same time, the System icon on the right lower corner shows "1/4". As the router is 2 meters from the tablet, a level of 1/4 doesn't make any sense.

As downloaded applications that shows the WiFi signal always display very good value compared to the system icon, it means that the hardware should be OK. But it is like if something is "lost" between the lower software layers and the higher.

Any idea what could be done to solve this ? This issue prevent me to use the Wifi in 90% of the cases...

Any help is welcome.

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Re: Wifi signal good and poor at the same time

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This is not the correct forum for Titanium discussion. This is for 80XS tablets which are completely different designs.
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