Archos 35 home connect: battery defect

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Archos 35 home connect: battery defect

Post by jms »

I have an Archos 35 home connect for one year now.
When I remove the charge cable (USB), the device goes off so the battery seems to be defect.
Does anybody know how to open this device?
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Re: Archos 35 home connect: battery defect

Post by Scooterch »

I have the same issue.

I bought an Archos 35 Home Connect in December 2010, so it is out of warrantee. The battery has died, after being plugged in all the time. It will only hold a charge for around 5 minutes, with audio playing and WiFi on. The radio plays perfectly fine if plugged in, but the dying battery has removed one of the key features of the device that attracted me to it originally.

I wrote to Archos UK (GEODIS UK LTD) because I only speak English.
They offered me an RMA. However, there are two problems:
a) the services is only for UK residents.
b) more importantly, the RMA document states: "Products in warranty will be replaced. Out of warranty products will be offered a trade-in option for 25% discount on a new purchase. We do not offer a repair service."

That's pretty poor. A built-in battery is bad enough, but junking a product instead of replacing the battery is unforgivable.
I have asked them to confirm. If possible I will try to source a battery and do it myself.
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