Memory/space issues with the G9 ?

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Memory/space issues with the G9 ?

Post by Eagle430s »

I have bought a brand new 101 gen8 16GB device, and i have to admit it wasn't the best choice i've made. It takes a lot of time to start up, it also has 15GB free but as archos told me the space for applications available is only around 30mb. So i run out of space very verysoon, i can not even upgrade it to the newest firmware, i have an external micro sd card but its of no use since most applications can not be moved to the sd card. Also it crashes very often, the applications are slow to start and the touch screen is a bit sluggish. I've contacted the support team (after sending 6 emails) and after about 1 month they decided to answer me saying that they are aware of these problems with the gen 8 that;s why they now have the gen 9 with out these issues

I wanted to ask your general opinion about gen 9 devices? Do they also have the same stupid space problem? are they crashing often when browsing the internet ?

your help is greatly appreciated as i am selling my gen 8 and am thinking to buy a gen 9 or just stay away from archos tablets and buy any other brand
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Re: Memory/space issues with the G9 ?

Post by viking »

With gen 9 ver of android you dont have app limits that i know of, but it is heavier and has a fatter bezel. I love my gen8 a70 which has reasonable speed and fair app count if regularly monitored to keep 60 free app space. My gen9 101 is faster to boot and run, is more capable without the annoying tuning, but costs more and is heftier to hold compared to earlier 101s.
Eagle430s wrote:archos told me the space for applications available is only around 30mb. So i run out of space very verysoon
You are looking at free appspace rather than used. The gen 8 ver of android has far more appspace than that (256mb?), and i earlier pointed you to directions that effectively add about half again. If you invoked the specific settings menu given, you could account for every bit used and free, and diagnose or cure the overuse. There are even more ways of getting around that android limit documented here, but it takes focused effort. If you can do the steps recommended earlier enough to keep 60mb or so clear, you should run faster with a fair number of apps... it does not employ the sdcard in spite of the button name and can require several attempts to get the button to work and reboots to get the appspace free.
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