Asus Memo 370T -> Nexus Tablet

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Re: Asus Memo 370T -> Nexus Tablet

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Harfainx wrote:I will be passing on this tablet. No SD slot is a deal-breaker for me. I need expansion, and I need it local... not on a cloud that requires me to be online at all times with my tablet. Especially when my son is watching HD movies. I don't have time for buffering or any of that nonsense.

Like I said in my earlier post on this same thread... I'll be waiting for a 1920x1080 tablet to come out before I upgrade to a new one. The price isn't really a big deal for me. I just need as much space as possible (without a spinning drive), and a nice high-resolution screen (need my next tablet to be 1080p). Those are my real concerns for my next device.

I agree, I don't use the cloud. My internet speed is waay to slow for downloading video. I can stream netflix on it's lowest quality! Hopefully the asus version of the device will have a card slot?!

I think not going for the i pad was a good idea, but they should have aimed a bit higher than the kindle. By giving it a card slot it would have wiped the floor with everything else, short of paying silly money for an i pad or samsung 10.1 tab.

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Re: Asus Memo 370T -> Nexus Tablet

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frank wrote:
xfirex wrote:It's ok, I can wait, I would rather pay $300 for the Memo 370T than $200 for a crippled Google tab
Have you seen anywhere that the 370T will be a released product? All the rumors I read made it seem like the 370T was morphed into the Nexus 7. I'd also be surprised if Google would team up with Asus without some contract language to prevent competition.

There is still the possibility it would be released as a premium option along with the Nexus, but it does look doubtful.

Given the Global slowdown, maybe even more so.
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