Color Changing? on 705 80gb (2.1.04)

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Color Changing? on 705 80gb (2.1.04)

Post by JollySonX »

Im new to this site, but have been reading quite a bit since xmas when i was given a 705,

ive search the forum and google, and found it all confusing, but in determined to carry out and learn as much about my 705 i can
i spent most of the xmas break on my laptop looking at jailbreaking the 705 (my family werent impressed about that [-X )

but now ive started to play with it and stick some videos and pictures on it. ive noticed that the color is off, it looks like the cyan color has been turned up full, making white turn a light green/blue and some faces a green color.
its not just on videos or pictures the background theme is meant to orange but looks green
when i hook it up to my laptop and look at the theme pictures on there they look correct.
ive search the menus and i cant find any way of changing the color.

Am i Being blind and missing a menu option or did archos supply it without the ability to change the color :?

Ive read alot about the GTF3 jailbreak, Can i get that to work if i use GTF2 first, and then get arcwelder running, then use shh to access the 705 and change the color remotely

ok i dont know a lot about Linux, or hex editing, but ive used both before and im pretty confident about doing the jailbreak.
if it is possible to change the color,
(not worried if i can unlock plugins cos if the color cant be fixed ill just use it as a fancy looking portable music player, on my Upnp server )

Like i said ive read alot about the hack working on 605 (and possibly others) but from all the googling and a forum searching i couldnt seem to find any 1 post saying "does it work on the 705?" and someone answering it with YES. - so i didnt want to go any further just incase lol

I know i went on a bit, but i thought write down as much info as i can to help you help me :)

Many Thanks and a Happy New Year

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