Would the iPod PowerBlock charger work for the 504?

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Would the iPod PowerBlock charger work for the 504?

Post by Lakk2005 »

The title pretty much says it all...I saw that the iPod has a charger that has a USB plug at the bottom of the AC adapter. Does anyone know if this would work with the supplied cable that came with the 504? I'm looking at an alternate way of charging my device when on the road.

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Post by Droc »

i was thinking the same.
Should work. USB power output should be the same.
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Post by dirtpriest »

If you're talking about the $40 or so Apple-branded white box with the flip-out AC plug and USB on the back, then yes... I used mine for quite a while until I sold my ipod.

I may pick up another one at some point, but I'm going to shoot for cheaper than Apple's product. I've seen a kit designed for the new Sansa MP3 players, with both AC and 12v Cigarette Plug adapters for around $35. (it also comes with a sansa-tipped USB extension, which you don't need of course).

I'd have to assume that any AC to standard USB device would work fine.
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Post by roylovelock »

What i was using before i bought another battery and portable dock was a cheap powered usb hub, it cost be about £5 from the market and done the job a trick. Any hub will do the one i used was only 1.1 thus the price but it always managed to charge it no probs, why pay icrap prices when you can pay a lot less they does the same job. Just make sure its a powered usb hub.
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Post by PolloLoco »

It would work - but if you're paying more than 12 dollars for a wall charger and car charger - you're paying too much! I got 2 generic USB chargers for that much from the Amazon marketplace. $12 shipped for the eforcity pair.
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