places to find PMA400 software

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places to find PMA400 software

Post by Charbax »

The Qtopia OS Software Development Kit is available on Trolltech website. The Archos Multimedia SDK is available at which can enable developpers to develop software for the PMA400.

This is a list of some of the best software available:

- pmaplay - stream mp3 audio from the internet, like webradios and such, launch
the streaming music directly from within the Opera browser.
- VNC viewer - fully remote control your windows/mac/linux PC from the Pma430 over the internet.
- Samba support - stream DivX from your PC over your local wireless network and even over the internet, as well as access your Pma430 harddrive from your windows PC.
- tkcJabber - msn/icq/aim/yahoo chat.
- tkcMail - email client with ssl for example gmail.
- qtopiagnuboy - GameBoy color emulator.
- usbserial and pl2303 kernel module - GPS navigation stuff.
- QPhoto2 - now many more digital cameras are compatible with the Pma430 usb-host.

You can find many softwares compatible with the Pma430 on french Archos portal And more sources for top quality Pma430 software are cuivienor's page, Kevin Boone's page</a> and bubu's page.

Please discuss here in this forum about all the softwares which you find are the most interesting and usefull.

Some many more softwares made for the sharp Zaurus work without any recompile on the Pma400. You can browse through all the latest available embedded linux softwares at and

Check in the Archos development forums like Clayde's and PMA Extended OS and make posts here about all the best softwares!

We could use this forum to assemble screenshots and installation guides for all the best and the latest Pma400 software. So check back later and contribute!
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Post by Alex_freak »

The world's biggest pma 400 softwareindex.
You can download the latest and the oldest softwares for the pma here.

it belongs to the forum

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Post by greekgit »


I've got some decent stuff from


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