Gen 10 Archos 97XS

$299 10.1" 1280x800 OMAP4470 with $49 keyboard coverboard dock
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Gen 10 Archos 97XS

Post by Hawthorn »

I'm not sure where to put this but here seems best fit.

I keep checking the Archos web site for any news on a date for release of the Elements Platinum.

Today I saw an advert for an Archos 97 XS only available online in Europe?

It seems to be like the other XS products with magnetic coverboard,it has the 4:3 form. ... ets&boxtwo

How did this slip under the radar? maybe I've been obsessed by the Platinum and missed some news?
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Re: Gen 10 Archos 97XS

Post by B10HAzARD »

Hey, I just noticed the same thing!
Apparently almost no one else has noticed though; there isn't even a forum for it here!

So is this the only one of the XS line with an IPS panel? It seems to be advertised as such, but I may just be missing that on the 80/101...

It has the same processor/gpu as the 101 XS, correct? (Can't view .pdf's on my current device, and that's the only place they have to view the specifications...)

Anyone else interested in this?
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