Archos 35 Vision Random Problem

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Archos Novice
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Archos 35 Vision Random Problem

Post by miketrevis »

all owners of a 35 archos vision know that the random function, and overall management of the order of listening has many bugs.
1) in random mode, the song is chosen among all. and not among the rest, who have not heard
2) repeat all mode does not work

how you solved it?
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Re: Archos 35 Vision Random Problem

Post by viking »

Archos does seem to have terrible randomizers. I think it helps to start with a different first song to play. The repeat has worked for me. I tend to combine many songs into one folder and play only within that folder. What really annoys me is you cant block folders from the music scan with nomedia markers, so nonmusic sound files can be picked from random folders.
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