AV420 with external mic and bullet cam?

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AV420 with external mic and bullet cam?

Post by chrisst2 »

I have just purchased the following :
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/580-SONY-HELMET-C ... 2561ba167e

When I plug it into my Archos via the travel adapter plug the Cam works fine, but I get a high pitched squealing when I plug the microphone in?

Has anyone had a similar problem and can poitn me in the right direction as to what is wrong?

Any help appreciated ...thanks ... Chris

The mic spec is:
Adrenaline Systems Extreme Sound Microphone

High sensitivity Stereo microphone developed for military applications.
2 Channel capability - delivers crisp Stereo sound.
Patented power source system: Eliminates the need for extra power sources!
Solid construction for durability and dependability
Ideal for DVD and any digital sound capture set up - clean and crisp.
Designed for sound ranges encountered in extreme sports.
Long cable allows for easy reach under normal hook-up.
Easily loop through the Adrenaline Systems camera Strap for safe attachment.
Dual DC current input output - Easy wiring made possible:

- Allows microphone to be directly run by the power source for crisp sound.
- Provides power to camera - No need for extra clumsy cables.

Camera spec is:
Adrenaline Systems 580 Color Tactical/Helmet Camera
Click to Enlarge

580 Line High Resolution Sony ExView HAD CCD Chip

- Chip Set specifically manufactured for extreme sports use.
- CCD Video chip is specially engineered for sensitivity to high speed action
- Wide angle lens - optimized to capture high speed movement.
- Low Lux capability - excellent in all light situations.
- Signal processing chip optimized for movement capture.
- Jitter correcting chip to stabilize shaky images
- Color / contrast correction on board for sudden changes in light.
- Thermal insulation to prevent sun / cold damage in extreme conditions.

Glass Lens protection - Protects and Eases lens cleaning.
Shock proof enclosure - will keeps internal components intact.
Waterproof - excellent for muddy and wet/rainy conditions.
Fog proof lens - great for sudden changes in temperature
Dielectric heavy duty coating to protect electronic components
Sturdy wiring for even, uninterrupted signal transmission
Long 1+ meter Power/Video - Ideal for Extreme conditions.

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Re: AV420 with external mic and bullet cam?

Post by archosdude »

The issue here is the microphone is producing feedback as it is to close to the speaker. Try placing it as far away as possible
from the speaker. Also, try lowering the volume on the AV420 as low as possible.

Next best thing is to run a digital DVR which will eliminate the issue all together. I use the adrenaline systems Big Head helmet camera with very good results.
Mounting is very easy and the video is much better than what I got on the Archos:

http://adrenalinecamera.com/product_inf ... cts_id=218

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