Upgrading Archos 504 40gb to 160gb With Current Firmware....

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Upgrading Archos 504 40gb to 160gb With Current Firmware....

Post by honeymonkey »

bingeciren wrote:I The hardware serial number is unique to each hard drive and cannot be changed. Unless we know where the serial number is stored in the flash and how to manipulate it, there is no easy way to change the hard drive. Sorry.
I wonder if there is another angle that you can look at this. lets assume that the hardware serial number cannot be change which most likely is the case. The serial number of a drive is generated every time you format your hard drive and is assigned and stored in the hard drive (mostly in the boot sector) by the file system and can be changed by software.
I know you can change this serial number because I have done it before with simple utilities for reasons other than this.
It might be worth a try for one of you guys with a 504 flashed with up to date firmware to experiment. Simply change the serial number the 504 is expecting to see onto the new replacement drive. Then when the serial number in Flash is compared to the one on the new drive, they match....like magic. I'm sure this has been already thought of, but thought I'd make a quick post just in case.

Does anyone think this would work? If it does, it would be an easy mod for most everyone on the board who wants to upgrade. I have not paid much attention to this thread and haven't read much as to what the 504 expects to see or how it compares volumes as I don't have the desire or need to do it, but I was just thinking one night about this thread.

If it does work, the only problem I could see is you would have to re modify it every time you format the drive as it would just put the actual serial number back in the boot sector. Its not as permanent a solution as those with earlier firmwares, but those of you that have upgraded firmware past the point of no return, this would be your only bugaboo you would run into after the change so you have to make anyone aware of your little trick if you ever sold it.
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Post by mosc007 »

You are talking about the Serial Number for the Volume you just created with format. It is most likely they are using the Hardware Serial that is programmed into the Firmware in the drive. Which cannot be changed.

So changing the Serial in the Boot sector probably wont achieve anything.

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