Archos 70 Internet Tablet on "This Week In Google"

7" capacitive, $199 for 8GB, $249 for 250GB (with free shipping), HDMI output, webcam...
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Archos 70 Internet Tablet on "This Week In Google"

Post by Charbax »

As I told you in yesterday's MacBreak weekly 221 post, last Sunday as I was in the Silicon Valley to video blog the ARM Technology Conference for my site, I had fun traveling up to Petaluma and bring Leo Laporte some of the Archos Gen8 tablets so he could test them out and let his Twit gang also play with them. So that they could compare those with Apple and Samsung tablets.


You can watch the video here: ... pisode-69/
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Re: Archos 70 Internet Tablet on "This Week In Google"

Post by Shifter2600 »

Awesome Charbax. I can't wait to get a 70 (for myself) and a 101 (for the kitchen for the wife's recipes). I have been using my Archos 5IT to turn my house into a media center. I run a boxee on my home TV and my Archos 5IT serves up all the media. I use my Archos as a portable media center watching TV (HBO/FOX/NHL) Movies (Downloaded or Streaming DIVX) HULU (and I am in Canada) and everything I can throw at it, it never disappoints.
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Re: Archos 70 Internet Tablet on "This Week In Google"

Post by AllenPapapetrou »

Thanks again Charbax =D>

After all the poor early reviews of the Gen7 it's absolutely wonderful to see some great early reviews of the Gen8.

Patiently waiting for a 70 and 101,

-An old geek 8)
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Re: Archos 70 Internet Tablet on "This Week In Google"

Post by RittDog »

I did not know about archos before watching TWIG last week. This forum is awesome. I don't have a tablet yet, my wife really wants one for Christmas this year. We went to best buy to try out devices and she decided she liked the galaxy tab more than ipad. This was based on being able to type more easily on the 7" screen and google's calendar application.
I'm still on the fence about buying a tablet this year. I hope reading this forum will help make the decision. I think if I was buying it for me I would get the archos 70 immediately. But since it is for her, it has to just work.

Thanks for all the information. These are exciting mobile times!
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