Gmini500 games?

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Gmini500 games?

Post by Jarza »

My question is that, i just bought Gmini500 and is there anyway to play somesort of games in this "machine" ?
Like some other models have the Mophun ready.
So is there any chance to play ever?

Post by Guestposter »

no, i dont think games r supported
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Post by Charbax »

Games are not currently supported. Probably because the buttons are only on the one side of the screen which is not very practical for gaming.

I hope that a next-generation Archos PMA device will have buttons on both side of the screen, with a nice multi-directionnal thumb-pad, and accelerated 3D graphics built-in so that nice games will be playable and that Archos can start competing with Nintendo and Sony a little bit.
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