Arches 80xs - SD card & battery drain

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Arches 80xs - SD card & battery drain

Post by hellsangel »

Has anyone else observed strange battery drain issues on 80xs when a SD card is inserted?

I have observed the following:
When an SD card is mounted, my tablet looses 40-60 percent of battery in standby over night. Also system settings tell me that the tablet does not really sleep most of the night.
Without an SD card inserted, tablet looses about 5 percent during night time.
I have seen lots of posts related to bad cards and battery drain on several devices etc. Based on my findings above, I am wondering if this "keep my card busy thing" could be related to either a broken slot in my hardware or if it could be Android related an could be fixed with an update from Archos?
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Re: Arches 80xs - SD card & battery drain

Post by ifb »

Have a 32GB card installed and overnight there was zero battery drain.
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