101XS Can't install any firmware :-(

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101XS Can't install any firmware :-(

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Hi there all,

a friend at work asked me to look at his 101XS because it had locked up whilst being used and after a hard reboot it just sits on the Archos splash screen for 2-3 minutes and then switches its self off.
I've downloaded 3 different firmwares for it (ICS) but I get an error, (207) when trying them. I also downloaded the latest from the Archos download site, but the file is 280mb and after succsessful formating the system there only 250mb of hard drive space showing in windows, and because of that I can't try the latest and 100% genuine release from the manufacture website.

Any ideas at all will be hugely appreciated as I am at a loss with it :-(

Many thanks



When he asked me at work to have a look at it he said "It'd be good if you could look at it, as you know more about computers and all trhat stuff"

Well from the way he worded the question it led me to believe that he wasn't clued up and hadn't fiddled with it in any way.
Well the freezing thing is a rare, however very true occurrence it seems, or on google it came up a few times anyway.

But, while trying to install the new firmware I noticed tht the HDD was only reporting 250mb, so I decided to have a little look inside but low and behold, there's tape all round the edges and a special type of tabe that we use at work, holding some of the internal parts in place...

The satisfaction I'll have on monday when I tell him I could have sorted the freezing issue and that it would have been as sweet as a nut after, but he broke something when he screwed about inside of it without knowing what he was doing, is going to feel great! Pmsl

I'll be sure to remind him that his stupidity just cost him £200 and that if he ever asks me to look at anything in the future I won't :-)
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