Strange battey voltage?

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Strange battey voltage?

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Hi to all,

I'm very happy with my archos 101xs, really good performance!

Usually i check battery voltage with an app, and i found the battery voltage of the tablet strange.

My Galaxy S Advance fully charged is about 4150mv, at 10-15% of battery is about 3620mv.

My ex HTC Explorer fully charged was about 4200mv and at 10-15% of battery was around 3600-3580mv

Also my old chinese tablet has that voltage.

All these device has one battery. Our archos 101xs has three batteries (there are some images on arctablet) and has strange voltage for me.

Mine fully charged is around 3990-4010mv, and discharged at 10-15% it' around 3420mv. I think it's a bit low voltage.

So.. ok this archos has three batteries so it's different from my old tablet and my phones but i want to ask you if you also can check battery voltage when tablet is fully charged.

I'm using an app called battery calibration, you can find it on play store and it's only 350kb.

It' a tool for calibrate the battery but if you haven't root the tablet, the app only tell you the battery voltage (my 101xs isn't rooted).

If someone can post his voltage when fully charged and when at 10-15% of battery.. so i can check if my archos it's ok =D

Hi to all!
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