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$299 10.1" 1280x800 OMAP4470 with $49 keyboard coverboard dock
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one obvious question.
If you have a device that works with huge storage, why buy something else? if it does what you want, does how old it is matter? I've only had a flat screen tv since november! My samsung galaxy s wifi 5.0 only runs android 2.2, so what? it takes 64GB micro cards, it plays SD video for 9 1/4 hours or 720p HD video for 7 hours. It charges from 15% to full in 3 1/4 hours. £135 for player and £35 for 64GB card, happy chappy!

I'm not interested in "the cloud", my internet is too slow and wifi areas are too flakey. seagate wifi hard drive, poor battery life and "another" device to charge and carry. Phone with 5inch screen too expensive and kills battery too fast.

2013 is the year of the 5inch phone and 7inch tablet, so media players are not a priority to companies now. It's all about profit, it doesn't matter what you want.


ps 2 card slots would be awesome!
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