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Firmware AV500

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:15 pm
by gezzzzz
I thought I would try to spare others (if there are still any others using the AV500 these days) the hassle I had trying to reinstall the firmare on my AV500.
The only place I could find to download them from was the website. However - after downloading the firmware the AV500 wouldn't recognise it and just kept popping up the message that no new firmware could be found on the unit. I eventually discovered that the firmware from had quotation marks either side of the file name an once I had right clicked on the file and renamed it to UPDATE_AV500.AOS (without quaotation marks) it all worked fine.
Hopefully this info will ensure others don't make the same schoolboy error. I still love my AV500 and love it even more as time goes on - it's very "retro" these days but was very ahead of it's time back in the day.