Remembering last song played on Archos14 Vision?

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Remembering last song played on Archos14 Vision?

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Hello guys,
I recentrly bought an Archos 14 Vision - great small device with lots of functions and features. But there is one small, yet annoying problem: When I listen to some song and have to shut down the player, I would like to continue from this song next time I turn the player on. Unfortunately, the player always gets me to the main menu screen and I have to search for the last played song, which sometimes is really annoying (I tend to keep lots of files in one folder).
The player forgets the last played song even if I turn it off while holding the "play" button. It could make some sense if it forgets the last song when I turn it off using the switch, but seems it doesn't matter in which way I shut it.
Anyway, if I'm missing something from the manual, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Remembering last song played on Archos14 Vision?

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The same thing happens if you pause a track and then don't touch the player for a few minutes. The player shuts down and then when you restart it you are back to the main screen and you have lost your position in the album/song you were listening too. There appears to be some sort of auto-shutdown time that you can't alter, although you can alter the setting for auto-shutdown during continous play.

Sorry this doesn't help much, but it is a similar issue!

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