Archos 5ob Vision

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Archos 5ob Vision

Post by bharat2 »

:D Hi guys i have noticed there is no section on the Archos 5ob Vision why?

I purchased a cheap Archos 5ob Vision off Ebay and works great but as it came with no box and a cheap usb charger that i think is not original a 5v 400-500ma output.

1. So my question is what the correct usb charger output for this device to charge it quickly.
2. I need case and cant find one. Will a Archos 5 non android case fit
3. Firmware is 1.04 are there any updates as i cant find any info on Archos web site.
4. There was no remote , so will any of the other archos remotes work.

Thank you Baz :D
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Re: Archos 5ob Vision

Post by kijadask8 »

Hi man...
I┬┤m not sure but maybe this helps.
I have not anymore my Archos 5, so, I decided to sell the accesories.
Check this link, maybe this is what are you looking for.
I┬┤m in Belgium.
Hope help. Have a good one. ... 1586.l2649
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