For Those With Charging Problems

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For Those With Charging Problems

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Hi all!

My girlfriend has this tablet: ... mx&lang=en

and about a month or two ago the charging port in it got broken, so i've sent the tablet to be repaired. the guys at the repair shop did a good job and replaced the usb port, and the tablet was working again correctly, and charging correctly.

until this afternoon when she installed this game: ...
the battery got quickly drained (nothing strange though, it is an older budget-friendly tablet), the battery got to about 5% and she put it to a charger. the tablet notified that it is charging, and it was plugged in for a couple of hours, during which she didn't use the tablet. after that couple of hours, the tablet still showed charging and still showed that it is at 5% of battery power.

another problem is that it started to shutdown/turn on itself. i brought it to my place and plugged in my charger, and it continued the same behaviour: i plug it in, the red led light glows, it turns itself on, and just by the time the system boots itself and i want to unlock the screen, the tablet turns itself off, and the red led indicator also turns itself off.

i googled the problem and found a lot of topics saying that the battery is completely drained and that it just needs to stay plugged in over night. i followed some instructions to completely turn it off (hold power buttons for 10-20 seconds) and then to plug it in and leave it that way for at least a couple of hours. but the problem is that after i did that, when i plug the tablet in, it shows a symbol of an empty battery with a triangle in it and an exclamation mark inside the triangle! the red led does not glow and the battery/triangle/! symbol shows only for a short time, and then the screen goes off. here's the picture of that symbol (i googled it)

is there any way to fix this problem?

i've read somewhere that i should enter recovery mode (the tablet was rooted when i bought it brand new from the store), and erase battery stats, but i can't do that because there aren't any volume buttons. the only button is the power button, and the reset button (inside a small hole).

I followed a friend's advice and plugged it in a charger with higher amperage. already after half an hour the tablet started to show first signs of life - instead of the triangle it started to show the charging animation. it ever started a power-up process (boot animation), but alas, shut itself off during the boot up process.

so i decided to leave it over night to make sure it got charged

this morning (after some 7 hrs), i tried to turn it on, and was surprised that the tablet gave no reaction at all! no animation, no battery symbol, nothing!

i plugged out the charger, and plugged it back in, and for a second, the red led lid up and then turned off. i tried to cautiously insert the charger cable, and found that at one position the led lights up, and the boot animation starts up, but only for about two seconds after what it shuts itself down once again.

is there any help to this devise at all? and any way to reach the data on it?

i would hate to reset her tablet, because of all the data on it

thanks in advance! :)
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