Android markets help

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Android markets help

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Hi, I am a complete technophobe so please accept my apologies immediately lol!!!

I purchased an archos arnova 10 g2 tab for my 13 year old for christmas, as a starter tablet (he is also autistic so thought this would be the cheaper safer option)!, I understand it doesnt come with an android market but I cant even find the applib that is supposed to be installed. My son will be home from school soon and will want to start downloading stuff onto it (he has been given it earlier than christmas), but I have no idea where to start looking, the booklet that came with it is useless, as theres no information in there either, so I am totally stuck as to what to do next. Where can i find the android market and if there isnt one how can i get one! Or should i just send it back and start again lol!

Help urgently please xx

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Re: Android markets help

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Use the advice in the two informational (sticky) topics just above yours, like
ultimodiablo wrote:
VIKING UPDATE: instead use

Extract the files, transfer the files and then install the apks using file manager in this order:

-1.Google Services Framework
-2.OneTime Initializer
-3.Setup Wizard
Be patient and persistant. Some of the info fell out of date, then was corrected. Anyway you may have to repeatedly reboot like it says to get things started at first. Note advice like to never let it download flash player version 11, only ver10. I have forgotten some of this, but maybe someone can chime in if u have trouble.
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