Questions about firmware updates and the use of "real" linux

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Questions about firmware updates and the use of "real" linux

Post by dwarf420 »

I've tried searching this formum and browsing and also reading things from the wiki

but I havent yet understood wether or not it is possible to flash the firmware (on a Arnova 10...)
and have a real linux running (like debian, or maybe better maemo or kubuntu).

Everything I read was about "if appstores/playstore still running after upgrading firmware".
But since even Android uses linux kernel (and driver?) shouldn't it be possible to have a "real linux" on this device`?

I know that the most dialoges on linux windowmanagers wouldnt be usable because of the fontsize and fingertipping on a screen,
but therefore It should be possible to use a gui like MaemoLinux..?

okay, before I ask more questions - please dont kill me..
I'd be grateful for links (if my questions already been answered)

please excuse my "poor english" I'm no native speaker.

the reason for this post is that I've seen an Archos-Arnova 10 D G3 Tablet with
1,2 GHz ARM CORTEX A9 cpu and 1024 RAM for about 100Euro.

And since Archos gives SDE-Firmware with wicht you can use real linux and archos and arnova seem to be... am...the same(?)
I'm just wondering why no SDE-Firmware is available at the arnova website.

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