Arnova 7 G2 booting and Display issues

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Arnova 7 G2 booting and Display issues

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Hello guys,

i have been searching across the forum without much success as im dealing with an issue that really is providing me with some heavy headache.

Today i flashed my Arnova 7 G2 with the fenice57 ver.3.1 firmware.

Everything went fine and was setting the unit up while enjoying the new features.

While i was doing this, the Arnova was charging as the battery was at 11%. I suddenly smelled like burned plastic comig from the back side from the unit. I tried to find out where the smell was comig from and realized that the upper left hand backside from the Arnova was pretty hot.

The unit suddendly showed a menu indicating shut down and other similar option before shutting down.

NOw the unit doesnt seem to power up at all. the red LED is on when the charger is connected to the unit.

I reflashed the unit back with the the original retail firmware. The unit is being recognized by the OS and when plugged via USB the unit makes a low level noise, like a system sound that the battery is low or connected via pc. Same sound comes when unplugged from usb.

I now realized that when i leave the unit charging, after while i try to power it up and the ARCHOS logo appears really faint on the display... really really dark and then it fades away...

What has happened? Everything was working fine.... or is it beacuse of the battery that needs to be charged overnight?

Is the unit defective or is it summin else?

Any help or advice is much appreciated....
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