Arnova 10G2 'Out of memory'???

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Arnova 10G2 'Out of memory'???

Post by roymatthew »

I have a three month old Arnova 10 G2 which has a 32gb memory card.
I use it every night to to watch movies etc - currently watching every episode of LOST, 1 episode per night.
I also have Comic reader installed with loads of stuff on the memory card, but the card is still ony 2/3 full - NO APPS ON THE CARD.
NO OTHER APPS installed by me on the Arnova - just Comic reader.
All has been fine up until just recently.
Now, I get about 15 - 20 mins of viewing a video when it stops and I get an 'error' message telling me the vid can't be played. I have to restart the video and find where I was up to. It then plays about another 15 - 20 mins and stops again.
It never used to do this. All videos played fine.
ALSO - I now get 'out of memory' messages when using Comic reader, sometimes after only a few pages.
Is there a cache or something somewhere that needs empying???
WHY is my Arnova doing this?
I haven't installed anything, fiddled with anything or messed about with anything.
I had an Archos 7 a while ago that did this until it reached the point where NOTHING would work until I deleted EVERYTHING and reset the system Default, effectively rendering it 'new'. I lost ALL of my EBooks in Aldiko as well lots of other stuff.
I don't want to reset my 10G2!!!

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Re: Arnova 10G2 'Out of memory'???

Post by viking »

all such older ver of android self destruct over time with memory unless maintenance is done. There is an easy way to diagnose and fix in my sticky topic here called setup tips. But you must trust it and not overthink it. The directions mention sdcard but absolutely dont refer to an actual card... just a directory that you dont need to know about. Just try them, especially number six+.
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