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Arnova 10 G2 V's Arnova 10b G2

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:42 pm
by rjben
Hi all,

Just want to get your opinions on the 10b G2 V's the 10 G2. From what I can see the only difference is a single slave USB on the 10b compared to a master and slave on the 10 G2 (other than the obvious case update). Is this correct?

So what do people think? I'm assuming that the 10b G2 is the latest update as the 10 G2 is proving harder to get than it was, also the 10b is pretty much in 'awaiting stock' status everywhere I go on the web. Is there a 'new' guy on the block that we should be waiting for?

Is the the 10b G2 going to have the same success as the 10 G2? Prices for the 10 G2 have plummeted but I'm assuming that is because it's end of model and distributors are dumping it in preparation for the 10b G2?

Finally, was the 10 G2 a winner because of the recent £140 - £150 price range? Will the 10b G2 succeed at £170?