Arnova 10 G2 Custom ROM by Finless Version 1.4!

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Arnova 10 G2 Custom ROM by Finless Version 1.4!

Post by damanmagee »

New updated firmware is available for the Arnova 10G2

Version 1.4 is now available of Bob Finless excellent firmware for this tablet!

From version 1.3
1) Google Market latest version 3.4.4 pre-installed and ready to use!
This includes a working Google Calendar and Contacts sync.
Also includes Google Gmail, and News / Weather. All of these are up to date!
No post updates required for Google apps for now until Google updates them.
2) 1Gb off app install space (the max possible). Stock ROM only has 255mb
Testers are saying the system is MUCH faster now
3) Full root as /system was converted from Cramfs to EXT3 file system PROPERLY BLOCKED!
4) Added space in /system to allow "root" apps to install there (200 megs)
5) Latest up to date SU and Superuser.apk installed
6) Root permissions granted
7) ADB and USB debugging enabled by default
8) 3G USB stick support added.
New added features

Ext 4 file system! --- super fast
WiFi scan interval is changed from 15 seconds to 300
Faster booting time!

Download at
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Re: Arnova 10 G2 Custom ROM by Finless Version 1.4!

Post by gsteruk »

hey, thanks for this man - awesome! really simple install (although after first boot and use i was getting touch screen calibration force closes- but after a reboot it was fine), MUCH faster and smoother, and the extra app space is awesome! very well done, thanks so much for all your great help to the cause :-)
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