Arnova 8 G2 Wifi Problem

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Arnova 8 G2 Wifi Problem

Post by mrdunkley »

Hi all

Hopefully someone can help

I purchased an Arnova 8 G2 2 weeks and I am having major problems with the Wifi.

The wifi constantly disconnects from my 30 meg router. I returned the first Arnova 8 G2 the first 3 days of purchase as it was unuseable. They tested it in store and confirmed it was working fine so they "as a good will gesture" exchanged it for another new one.

Still I have the same problem. If the tablet does connect I have to be right next to the router but then it disconnects in seconds and.or goes out of range the instant I go out of the room.

I use WPA/WPA2 PSK for my wifi security

I do not have any wifi problems with my xbox, nintendi Wi, mobile phone, wifi laptop or my friends tested ipad.

The store is now refusing me a refund or even an exchange as they have tested the second tablet and it works fine in their store.

I am getting fed up and frustrated. One with the tablet not working and two with the store being so unhelpful.

They blamed my service provider but they confirm my router is working perfect. The store told me I should turn of some of my wifi items but I dont even have my other wifi turned on unless Im using them and at the most I only have my mobile phone on wifi or the xbox on at the same time.

Please can someone give me some advise.

Thanks for reading
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Re: Arnova 8 G2 Wifi Problem

Post by Gexgecko »

Is it possible you have conflicting IP addresses? There is an excellent App called FING which will show you the information of what is connected to your router and what IP addresses are in use.

This is a bit of a long shot because I guess you're using DHCP, but worth a check.
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