Arnova 8 G2 Keyboard Autocomplete Problem

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Arnova 8 G2 Keyboard Autocomplete Problem

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Hi all,

Had a quick look but couldn't see this mentioned before.

I've just got the Arnova 8 G" today and I'm very pleased with it. Although one issue I've noticed is that the auto-complete feature doesn't seem to work with the stock keyboard, even with the auto-complete option turned on in the Language/Keyboard settings.

I researched it a little and it seems that it's a supplier/provider issue, not an Android/Google issue. I could be wrong, of course, but that was the general consensus of this issue on a support topic on Google's forum. People had the same problem on their phones, but it was found that it was a Vodafone/HTC problem, not an Android one. I don't know if that will be different since it's a tablet, mind you.

The problem seems a bit strange - the word suggestions come up as normal, the word that I want it to change to gets highlighted in orange, and the spacebar even has an orange line on it to show that it should be selecting the orange word - but it doesn't.

I tested it with the word "you're". I type in "youre", which should auto-correct to "you're" as that's highlighted, but it doesn't do anything - it just leaves it as "youre". Which is a little annoying. It's not going to make me take it back or anything, but it would still be nice to have it fixed.

I tried a few other keyboards, but none of them were suitable for me. And there's not that many to choose from on AppsLib anyway.

Anyone else come across this issue and know how to fix it (or can suggest me a good 3rd party replacement)?

Thanks! :)
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