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Arnova 9 G2 TEST firmware with full root is available!

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:30 am
by finless
OK guys based on my experience with making the 10 G2 full root firmware and then just yesterday releasing my 7 G2 full root firmware, without even having that tablet to test on!, I am now releasing the Arnova 9 G2 firmware. The archesticture of the 10, 7 and the 9 are all the same... So it was easy for me to do it. THE DIFFERENCE IS... unlike the 10 and 7 that have an on the Arnova web site you can ALWAYS recover to, the 9 G2 does not! So there is some risk!
But I am pretty darn sure it will work just like my yesterday release of the 7 G2 firmware in which I could not test but works based on user feedback.

Check it out here: ... -rom-test/

So... WHO is going to be the first guinea pig?