Got a tablet, no 3g? Want to use it where theres no wifi?

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Got a tablet, no 3g? Want to use it where theres no wifi?

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Not sure if any of you know this so i thought id post it for you, some will know others wont so this is for there benifit.

a lot of tablets dont have 3g so when your not in a wifi area your basically screwed with no internet.
ok i hear you shout i can use a dongle.. well yes if your tablet will accept it, i know a fair few that dont including some of the archos tablets.

so IF yours wont take a dongle and doesnt have 3g what do we do? live without it? i dont think so

now im presuming most of you will have an andriod phone along with your tablet.

thats the key.

we need to tether the phone to the tablet and use our mobiles data plan. i say tether but strictly its not as we are not using the usb from phone to tablet as thats basically the same as using a dongle (wont work on some tablets).

we need to create a virtual wifi zone with our phones.

if you check your setting on your android phone you should see under wifi settings an option for tethering and portable hotspot.

once in there its a simple process of ticking the portable wifi hotspot box settings and giving your network a name and i highly suggest using some encryption as its open as default, so select wpa2 and give it a password.

after you have done this simply tick the box "portable wifi hotspot".

your done with the phone.

so go to your tablet now and go to settings wifi and search for networks your newly created network will show up, select it and you wil get the pop up box for your password, enter that it will connect.

congrats you now have a tablet that can access the net anywhere (as long as your phone is getting 3g reception).

this isnt a tutorial i nicked from elsewhere nor instructions i followed i did this while playing with my phone and tablet together it may help some it may not (esp if you have 3g built into your tab or it will take a dongle) but for those in the situation like me it solves the not net access while not in a wifi zone.

3g seems to work well and fast when i tested and i could watch iplayer itvplayer ect all with no buffering.

i would suggest if you use this route that you get yourself a data plan so it doesnt end up costing you a fortune.. i myself use the giff gaff goody bag which gives unlimited internet and it is unlimited unlike some providers.

i thought i would just add this isnt just for tablets, the portable hotspot will work for netbooks/laptops infact anything that runs off wifi inc tv's and sat receivers ect.although ive not tested any of these it will work as its just a way of getting internet (3g) from your phone to any item that uses wifi.

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