HDMI on Arnova 10 G2

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Archos Novice
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HDMI on Arnova 10 G2

Post by p1ceus »

Hello guys,

I was just curious if the "dumb" HDMI hole between DC jack and miniUSB is really just an plastic piece or there is something more on PCB. So I disassemble my Arnova 10 G2 8GB and found outthat there are already prepared holes and pins for miniHDMI connector!

Picture: http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/582/45491784.jpg

According to this pinout (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI), I tried to measure at least voltage and voila, it is under power ;)

miniHDMI connector which should match the holes and pins is here http://www.hdequipment.eu/pdf/hdmi-mini ... series.pdf.

So do you guys think after some soldering work, it will actually recognize connected TV and send the signal thru it? I'm hoping to it because there are some HDMI related files in system too:


Another picture of the board:
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Archos Novice
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Re: HDMI on Arnova 10 G2

Post by przemke »

Nice job there. From what you discovered it seems like the system and the hardware might be ready.
I guess the lack of hdmi there from factory might be due to cost reduction/strategy of this arnova series, because they probably have to pay some licence fees for each product they release with hdmi (I saw such info somewhere earlier in laptop reviews)..but to whom I don't remember (if this is really the case here)
So if you're confident abuot your soldering skills you can give it a go and let us know! :D
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Re: HDMI on Arnova 10 G2

Post by Sm1thson »

nice, as I recall there was an archos version that is pretty much the same but with HDMI (and if i recall correctly i think it also had bluetooth, but possibly less ram and A2.2 not 2.3)

It depends how much of the software is left in though as i think it was a case of when you used the HDMI out you no longer had the screen on the device on.
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Re: HDMI on Arnova 10 G2

Post by martilyo »

I have the Achos A101 and it has a mini HDMI out. I use it often to connect my A101 on vacation or in my car (I have a 15" LED tv hooked up for the kids). The viewing angle on the A101 is not good for 2 kids in carseats to watch together on a long trip.

If you look at the bottom right of this screen there is a button to switch the screen to the output:
http://www.yugatech.com/blog/wp-content ... tablet.jpg

Just adding an mini HDMI port may not trigger your display to shoot out of your port. Good luck and please post what any news
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