Arnova 9 G2

New Rockchip RK2918 ARM Cortex-A8 capacitive Android 2.3 capacitive tablets
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Arnova 9 G2

Post by hubu »

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Re: Arnova 9 G2

Post by Harnova »


You can find the Arnova 9 G2 at

No stock but a you get an idea about the price, 249 euro
I dont know whether this is realistic compared to the other archos/arnova models!

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Re: Arnova 9 G2

Post by JamesDax »

Well if nothing else this is certenaly the best looking tablet that either Archos or Arnova has ever made. What I need to know is how much and when it will be availible in the states. Just looking at the specs compared to the Arnova 10 G2 it looks like it's going to be running between $250 and $300. Any videos of this thing in action yet?
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Re: Arnova 9 G2

Post by adzman808 »

i haven't opened the box yet... (tomorrow ;)) but i've got one of these...

i so nearly got the samsung... but when i actually analysed what i wanted a tablet for it made no sense to spend twice as much...

had a good play with one in the store, the screen is nice, it worked with my 4gb (fat32) mem stick & my 8gb sandisk nikon card (mounted in a usb caddy), where it didn't struggle too much to load 90+ 9mb pictures, it did NOT mount my 120gb (ntfs) drive tho, which i know is a 'droid issue, but my g8 101 can mount it, so i was a little disapointed

the performance seemed on a par with all those 1ghz/512 phones from yesteryear (gut feeling not proper bench mark)

there's no gmail/market, but the guy in the store let me let net search & download/install kindle.apk which seemed to work ok

the system storage is perhaps a bit small, as it was full in the store, but who knows how many people have downloading stuff onto the display model?!

personally i'm really excited about this little cheap tablet, for mail/'net/twitter/FB/kindle & having a look at my dslr pix whilst out somewhere it should be fine

- be nice when one of you clever chaps can root it ;)

- is there a forum anywhere for this tablet?

- anyone have any questions (i can find very little info on the net), post here or pm me

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Re: Arnova 9 G2

Post by viking »

So that's the model that has a high quality screen, lots better than 10 in? I hear you can install gmarket on the 9 with unrooted approach described in G2 tips topic above.
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Archos Novice
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Re: Arnova 9 G2

Post by adzman808 »

yeah that 9,7" IPS screen really looks good

i didnt find a 10 g2 to play with... although it's a bit more expensive

my other tablet is a archos 101 "internet tablet" - which does the job, but the viewing angles are atrocious & after i got a galaxy s2 it's too painful (slow) to use (!)

i nearly went samsung all the way, but when i had a cold hard look at i what i needed from a tablet (i don't commute for example) it really was daft to spend all that money on something i wouldn't get the best out of

besides the samsung tablet needs an adaptor to do anything has no mSD slot & however nice the screen is (& it is) it doesn't do anything my phone doesn't

i looked at the acer a500 too, but although it's performance seemed great, its a heavy old girl with a look only a mother could love :badgrin:

the screen on the motorola looks like it came off a 1990s nokia, there was some great deals on the playbook & htc flyer, but owning a 4,3" screened phone a 7" tablet just isn't enough

i may be wrong - but i THINK it's only the arnova & samsung that play mkv out of the box as well... (we'll be testing this tomorrow !!)

i have no interest in hdmi connection to my tv (although i have the adaptor to do this on my s2, i've used it twice!) so that wasn't a factor

i probably should open the box & have a full road teat before i say this, but i'm glad i saw some sense & got the tablet that fitted my needs, not the one the reviews said to buy!

cheers - merry christmas!
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Re: Arnova 9 G2

Post by adzman808 »

viking wrote:So that's the model that has a high quality screen, lots better than 10 in? I hear you can install gmarket on the 9 with unrooted approach described in G2 tips topic above.
sorry - didn't actually pick up on your Qs!!

yeah i think the screen is better, in that your eye perceives it as square & looks at it all - the 101 looks a bit pinched imho

yeah i saw that... (cheers) i'll see how long i can live without gmarket..... i'd like to root (for addfree) but i've just teased off my s2 (& downloaded some) of the apks i want on the a9, so i'll try & live without the market for a while
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Re: Arnova 9 G2

Post by Manning »

I agree and I went through the same process, I went to the shop 3 times. Before I took the plunge.

I did the research (not much about this device at the moment) I picked it up and had a good play in the shop. I even did the tap test. (Tap what you want to buy really hard and listen for a rattle)

The shop assistant thought I was crazy but these days this weeds out the low quality devices.

It passed all the tests.

It isnÔÇÖt going to rock your world, this device is what it says on the tin. A well-built, Cheap budget device. I was concerned about the level of operating system and that is didnÔÇÖt have the standard Google tools.

I only want a device to watch videos, read eBooks, check mail, browse the internet and social forums, oh and play the odd game. I donÔÇÖt like landscape devices, they just feel unnatural and this device was ticking all the boxes. I almost bought the Samsung Galaxy tab but walked away when I realised it has a long way to go before it feels like an IPad. I am not an apple fan but you have to admit they know what they are doing when it comes to design.

Although AppLib wasnÔÇÖt my preferred option I decided to take the chance. I was a little concern about there not being much chatter on the forums but this was probably because it is a new device and Xmas got in the way.

The first out of the box demo on youtube was posted two days before Xmas

This device was sold out in every shop in my area. I had reserve and travel to get it. (WasnÔÇÖt sure to take this as a good sign or an omen)

So I got the shop and quizzed the shop attendant. They said this device was great for watching movies but that was about it. At least videos would be good :D . I could always bring it back within 21 days if I changed my mind.

I got it home. Opened the box, navigated around. (Not much to navigate) but found the movie demo called Big Buck Bunny, my son watched it and wanted to see it again (pass one)

Ran upstairs downloaded Google tools from

And followed everals comments from ... -firmware/

I had all the Google tools running within 30 min. Set up my mail and browsed Android Market whereI downloaded Perfect Viewer for EBooks (Inc Comics) and MoboPlayer for videos. Greader for RSS feets. Evernote and Drop Box for online storage.

This is a great device. My 32GB memory card from ... 713&sr=8-1 meant I could leave the 8GB to the OS.

I feel this device is well worth the money. It isnÔÇÖt going to get me to the moon but at least I will have my email, videos, and ebooks on the way.

This device will replace the need for a laptop in front the TV.

I currently have no regrets.

Be able to watch Videos [Check]
Be able to read ebooks [Check]
Be able to check mail [Check]
Be ablet get forum updates [Check]
be able to browse the market [Check]
be able to interact with documents stored in the sky [Check]
Get me to the moon [Fail]

I copied everals installation comments below as the tread was getting very long over at arctablet.

Extract the files, transfer the files and then install the apks using file manager in this order:

-1.Google Services Framework -2.OneTime Initializer -3.Setup Wizard -4.Talk -5.Gmail -6.Vending


1) After installing all the G Market files go try to login to Gmail. You will get an error.
2) Now go into settings and manage apps. Click on Google framework. Clear the cache files.
3) Do the same thing for Gmail and clear the cache.
4) Power down and back up.
5) DONT launch the market but launch Gmail and login. It should work.
6) Now you can launch the Market.

Only Change was that i have no "cached files" for "Gmail and Google framework" to delete.

So i have deleted the "data files" itself
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