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Solution for battery drainage when suspended.

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 3:26 pm
by elevener
The battery of the 10G2 isn┬┤t bad, but it┬┤s not all that great either, especially not after upgrading to the new firmware. While the device is suspended, it is still using battery power as it technically still running. On many occasions the device is almost drained completely after turning it back on, even though it had enough power before it got suspended.

One app that makes a huge difference is a free widget called Hibernate. Hibernate basically turns off everything that is using excess power like your wifi and set┬┤s the device in flight-mode with the click of one button. I┬┤ve actually started to use Hibernate as a turn-off button, instead of the power button. The logo isn┬┤t much to look at, it depicts a yellow alarm clock, but it is extremely useful!