Archos G9 101 (Firmware 4.0.6) & Omega Virtual Assistant

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Archos G9 101 (Firmware 4.0.6) & Omega Virtual Assistant

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Not seen this mentioned in the forum, so creating a new thread.

Omega (by Async Solutions) is a very good 'Siri' like solution for Android and works quite well.
Has anyone been able to get Omega to work with the Archos G9 101 Firmware 4.0.6?

Set-up: Archos G9 101 1.5ghz (turbo model) 8GB internal storage.
FYI - Couple of youtube videos showing off Omega app: ... re=related

I got the Omega to work with Archos G9 101 firmware 4.0.5 by doing the following
Omega requires 'Google Voice Search' and 'Google text to speech engine'.

First huddle -
For some reason, Archos G9 101 does not find the Omega application on 'Google Play'. ... mega&hl=en
So installed it using 'apk' and through 'ESS File explorer'
'apk' can be downloaded here:

Second huddle -
Omega installed successfully. Upon opening app, it goes through checks to identify 'text to speech engine', which is fine. But, does not find the 'Google Voice Search' even though Archos G9 has it. Looking through the forum,
it seemed that the new version of 'voice search' might be incompatible with Archos 101.
So, downloaded the 'Voice Search apk 2.1.4' and installed it using 'ESS File Explorer' again.

Start Omega and all works beautifully.

Then Archos G9 firmware 4.0.6 released yesterday. Upon upgrade, Omega's text to speech has got messed up. Using Omega, it understands the questions, searches for answer and gives it back (text on screen), but the 'text to speech' no longer works. Re-installing the 'Google voice Search apk 2.1.4' doesn't seem to fix as well.

The above should allow anyone on Archos firmware 4.0.5 to get Omega working. If anyone got Omega working on firmware 4.0.6, please share your experience and how you resolved the issue.

On a side note:
Could someone tell me that when 'ESS file explorer' installs a system app like 'Google Voice Search' - Where exactly in the file system does it install it?
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