Archos 101G9 v. Philips ppx2450 projector

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Archos 101G9 v. Philips ppx2450 projector

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I wonder if it is at all possible that anyone can help me.

I recently purchased the Philips PPX2450 projector as it is advertised as 'compatible with Android tablets’ but it does not want to work with my Archos 101G9 tablet. I have tried the tablet though a TV and it works. I have also tried the projector with a Sony Android phone and that works. It's when I try to get the Archos tablet and the Philips projector to work together that I have the problem. I have even been in to the shop I bought the tablet from to show them and they said there is definitely a problem. They thought it might be the connections on the HDMI side of things that was wrong but could not suggest where that might be as HDMI is a standard!?! I have tried different HDMI cables to no avail. I have been in touch with both Archos and Philips and they both say it is a problem with the other device!!! Archos say the tablet is android and Philips say their projector is compatible with android; both items use HDMI connectors but something somewhere is not compatible. . . and nobody seems to be bothered... apart from me that is. Any ideas please?

Thank you for your time

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Re: Archos 101G9 v. Philips ppx2450 projector

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Unfortunately the problem is with the Archos G9 I would suggest - I have the same projector and tablet and it doesn't work for me either, I just get a blue screen image on the projector.

The projector works with every other device I have tried - including a G8 Archos 43 - and the G9 HDMI out works fine with TV's & monitor's.

Given that Archos abandon support for previous devices as soon as they bring a new one out, I doubt that we will ever see a fix for this.
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Re: Archos 101G9 v. Philips ppx2450 projector

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Although I doubt if this will be of any help...

I have noticed that there have been times when I plugged in the HDMI cable to my computer monitor that it just showed a blank screen. However, if I did a side slide (one the tablet) to slide over to another 'home screen'... then things seemed to kick in to display on my monitor. Don't know why/how that causes things to sync, but maybe that could also work with your projector(s).

Some projectors (even some TV's) have to be turned off BEFORE you connect any HDMI input. So, that's another thing you could try.

Not saying any of what I've mentioned will work, but there really are no 'standards' for any kind of video connections to start with now anymore. Heck, we're up to what now... a 3rd or is it 4th generation of so-called HDMI 'standards' by now already. So, even older HDMI cables do not even have all of the wires in them that newer ones now have.

In other words, problems with connecting devices with HDMI is really nothing new. It's been a problem for a LOT of people all over for some time now. Or, in other words... If ALL of your devices (including connecting cables) were not all made THIS MONTH... then it may or may not work when you connect things together NEXT MONTH. I don't like it, but that is how they FORCE everyone to constantly keep buying newer stuff (really sucks).
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