Mialns adaptor no longer charges

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Mialns adaptor no longer charges

Post by johnjazz »

My mains charger has failed after 9 months. I can charge using another usb charger or slowly from the pc so the problem must lie with the charger. I need a replacement under the guarantee. Should be easy enough. Archos support said pre-sales questions should be addressed to the appropriate email address!! Not a good response from Archos support. I'm trying support again but I've not much confidence at the moment.
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Re: Mialns adaptor no longer charges

Post by roylovelock »

my 101 charger was also broken very quickly, i suffered with slow charging for a while until i found the combo that worked.
i now use the original sync usb lead (archos one) and my samsung note 2 charger (2amp charger). this gave me full speed charging. and is a much more robust option.
i dont know why archos chose to have hard wired and molded plug on the chargers, if they had gone the same route as all other makes we wouldnt have had this problem.
have a look though your chargers you may find you actually have one thats man enough for the job, the trick is to use the archos sync cable!!
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Re: Mialns adaptor no longer charges

Post by mls »

It's interesting to note that some G9 tablets come with a heavy duty USB cable and a separate charger (with a USB jack), while some of the others came with a charger that has a cable fixed wired directly to the charger instead.

In both situations, the USB date +/- are shorted together INSIDE the charger itself. Many of the newer USB chargers actually do now use this 'standard' method to let a device know if it can draw maximum charger current, or only the limited 500ma of a computer USB connection.

Of course, this 'standard' only applies to devices that require heavy charge currents (like tablets or a few newer smartphones), but other companies (like Apple, and a few others) have done some rather non-standard things with their chargers. That's why each manufacturer always says to ONLY use their own specific USB charger for their devices.

Not sure why there are so many people having problems trying to find a USB charger that works with the Archos G9 because from my viewpoint it uses the most common standard method (that many other devices now also use).
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