Running out of Memory

7" LCD eReader
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Running out of Memory

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Just got my 70c. Its great. Its loaded the Voltaire rom on it and am loving it.

One issue. It seems that after installing some apps (and not a great number) that android can no longer run the apps and force closes each app. I figured it might be that it was running out of space, so I uninstalled a bunch of programs and now everything works fine.

I don't think it was ram that was out because I have been using ES task manager to shut off things that I am not using.

The strange thing is, the SD card and device storage settings page shows the following

Total Space - 4GB
Available Space - 2.5GB
System Space - 1.25GB

Available Space - 130mb

Why is the internal device storage so low on space? Is there a way to use the SD card to alleviate the issue.

I'm an android noob so don't judge me.
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