Archos 70it games.

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Archos Novice
Archos Novice
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Archos 70it games.

Post by condolence »

Hi there,
I'm just gonna ask if you have a copy of games i really wanna play.
-Asphalt 4 or up
-Need for Speed
-The sims 3

I'll post more games later.
please give me a LINK thats working fine on archos 70it.
im sure im not the only one who's gonna be able to play these games if you posted links thats working,
many active forum pips will be enjoying this too.
Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Archos 70it games.

Post by Harfainx »

Just make sure that any games you link to are not pay games anywhere. If someone charges for them, do not link to free versions on here.

Free games are fine to post links to though.

All of the games you listed are paid games, so you won't be getting links to them from here. [-X
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