Keyboard problem

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Keyboard problem

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Just picked one of these babies up 2nd hand for £50.00. It's my first tablet and Andoird device so I'm looking forward to playing with it. It has been reset to factory settings and I can't access a keyboard. It tells me that it is using the external Android keyboard but I don't have one! I do have a Bluetooth keyboard but I can't pair it because I can't input the pin number! Obviously I have the same problem with setting up a wifi connection. I have looked through all the settings but I am baffled as to how to get to use the on-screen keyboard - which I assume it must have.

I feel a bit stupid because I am pretty computer literate, I build and repair PCs for a living and I know my way around MSDOS, Windows and Mac OS.

I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.


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Re: Keyboard problem

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The onscreen keyboard is automatic. I can't imagine how someone could have configured it away. If you are sure you are gen 8 rather than gen 9, there is a BT keyboard topic just above yours in the list.

edit: maybe you should grab a new online copy of firmware from a pc, drop it into the tablet and reinstall.
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