Did I get a lemon?

10.1" capacitive, $269 for 8GB, $296 for 16GB, HDMI output, webcam...
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Did I get a lemon?

Post by typhoidmary »

I have an Archos 101IT.

It is very difficult to use.

The yahoo e-mail routinely crashes when I open the inbox. The native e-mail browser misses e-ail when it syncs my account.

The native web browser randomly crashes. Firefox does as well.

If I use a USB keyboard, the page that displays all of the apps stays blank.

I have the most recent version of the os from Archos without any mods except arctools.

I have looked at OpenAOS, and while I think their efforts are heroic, it seems their are a lot of things missing. Bluetooth for example. I suppose I could use Angstrom, but then I loose Netflix, which is one thing the tablet does well.

Is my experience typical? Is it typical of just Archos? Just the 101it? Is my unit broken in some way? Does Android suck?

I really want to like this tablet, but it is so frustratng to use. When i use it I wish I had a "real" computer.
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Re: Did I get a lemon?

Post by Todd6677 »

No you didn't get a lemon. But you did get an older piece of technology that by today's standards is a dinosaur. I had an Archos 101 and used it for a while but the laundry list of problems it came with and the laggy performance I experienced was maddening to say the least.

You probably wont like this recommendation, but I would consider getting a more current device with some better specs. There are some really great tabs out there now that can be picked up used in great shape for a pretty low price. I got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-7510P) used for $250 from Amazon and I absolutely love it. It is plenty fast and runs very smoothly on ICS. It lacks a USB port and an SD card slot (I wasn't thrilled there) but I have a very inexpensive adapter that allows me to use both so I am OK with it.

Of course there is also the Archos GEN 10 XS you could check out that would probably make a world of difference in your tablet experience. I personally chose another brand just because I was really gun shy with Archos after all the problems I had with my 101. Hopefully they did better on their latest iteration but if Archos is the road you choose to run, look into it. As far as the experience of using a tab goes I am sure you wont regret it.

Regarding your feeling of "When i use it I wish I had a "real" computer"...

I think in general most of us have (or have had) the wrong idea around what a tablet is and is not for. In my experience there are some really GREAT things you can do with a tablet. I use mine for work and I love having the ability to use it on the fly for note taking (Google docs are great!) in meetings, displaying floor plans and construction progress photos to senior management and using it as a lightweight net book for answering emails and such when I don't have or maybe just don't want to fire up my laptop. As much as it seems like it can be, these are not computers. Tablets are lightweight, "easy access" supplementary devices. Yes they can do a LOT of cool things, but it is not a full blown OS like a Windows, Linux or MAC based PC would use. And that is for ANY platform: iPad, android or the new windows RT or any other mobile OS I might have missed.

If you are looking for a true PC experience on a tab it might be best to wait a few months and look into a Win8 tablet. I haven't had the opportunity to see it in person and interact with it, but at this point I think it is the only tab out there that is slated to give you the full desktop experience and supposedly run legacy apps. Of course if the price points they are talking about are accurate it is going to be a seriously expensive piece of hardware.

Sorry for such a long post BTW... This is what happens when I can't sleep!
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