Reviving a 101

10.1" capacitive, $269 for 8GB, $296 for 16GB, HDMI output, webcam...
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Reviving a 101

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I haven't been on the forum in a long time. My 101 had slowed to a crawl and the keyboard had gotten unresponsive.
Because of its age & limitations I replaced my 101.
Now I have a need for a tablet at work--something I'd like to test out on the shop floor.
What steps do I take to restore the unit to factory original? I don't want a bunch of Internet and entertainment apps on a work PC.
What's the latest OS I can install?

Is the unresponsive keyboard a known problem? I did a wipe & restore a couple years ago that didn't seem to help. If I can't resolve that issue, the rest is pointless.
A101 G8
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