replacement batterys archos 101

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Re: replacement batterys archos 101

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spa1800 wrote: where can you buy spare batteries for Archos 101 G9? Archos wont fix it because 1 year is over . I send them copy where it says 2 yrs warranty for tablets so they apologized and said they will fix it.
few months later -old dead unit was return to me. I filled complaint with BBB, wrote to headquarters in UK and nothing helped. So have to look somewhere else for batteries or someone to fix it for me. Any ideas?
If you are in UK you can file a small claim, see ... claims.htm or

You can even do this online. My brother got messed about in an almost identical way by a mobile phone company who felt that the legal warranty was only some useful marketing copy but not an obligation. He filed a claim, they didn't contest it, he won automatically and got paid.

Just keep your claim realistic (this is not some crazy American divorce hearing or British libel hearing - you have to deal with real demonstrable costs such as the price of a reasonable replacement or the original item), present facts not emotions and make sure you have supporting documentation such as receipts, correspondence and so on. If the company is failing to honour a warranty you will win. If they fail to contest the claim you will win, regardless.
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