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Can anyone help -- unable to get recovery or connect to pc

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:08 pm
by Kaybee327
First of all I will admit that I have screwed something up.

Just got a 70BHT and could not get any marketplace to install apk's so I thought why not flash a custom rom which I did (Cyanogenmod cm7) but although I can occasionally get play it is so slow and freezes that I need to go back to original firmware.

My problems are that I am unable to connect via adb ( does not see device and device does not see pc ) I can boot into a recovery mode buy as the 7 does not have hardware keys I cannot select anything in the menu. I do not have a update / recovery option in settings.

Apart from a great big hammer anyone any ideas how I can get original firmware installed. JUST ABOUT ANY suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks in advance

A desperate Keith :( :( :(