possible dead battery fix - extra power feed

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possible dead battery fix - extra power feed

Post by alex89 »

hi all,

i have the all too common dead battery issue.. read loads about it and tried everything, heating it up, holding the button for 10 secs etc.

i know it's been discussed to death here and on another forums but i have been trying to find out what actually causes the problem, is it the battery or something else?

if it's something in the tablet that stops the otherwise ok battery charging i was thinking of adding a direct feed into the battery from the archos charger.. i have already took the battery out and connected the charger onto the + & - for a few hours in the hope it would get enough charge into the battery for it to boot up and then charge through the port, no luck though :( i know li-on batteries have the charge logic built into the charging circut so maybe that's why it didn't work?

any advice would be great, i'd happily make a little guide to help people out with the same problem, it was a great little tablet although i never used it much!

i'd buy a new battery if i could find a replacement, even tried to match up a universal type one but can't seem to find a match

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Re: possible dead battery fix - extra power feed

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Nice post
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