Cases for Archos 101 & 70

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Re: Cases for Archos 101 & 70

Post by eagz »

I was using an ammo bag (fit perfectly) to carry my 101 and cords around but it finally ripped. I'm using a rooCase now that's just the right size. The quality seems good and it's cheap. It was only $16 and included shipping in The States. It fits the power cord, HDMI, pc cable and a couple flash drives nicely with very little wasted space. It's nice and small. ... 12913.html
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Re: Cases for Archos 101 & 70

Post by technogadgeteer »

Hi guys,

I just recently got my Archos 101. I tried to browse the internet for a leather case for my Archos 101 and it seems like we have limited options out there. I'm in the Philippines right now and I can't even find a store that sells these cases. I'm just curious now, will an Archos 101 fit into a leather case for asus eee pad transformer? It seems like this tablet has more options when it comes to leather cases than the Archos 101. Hope someone would have any idea about the compatibility of Archos 101 to an asus transformer leather case.
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